Organic extra virgin olive oil is produced by certified organic farmers that follow the rules of organic farming, is very low in acidity, golden-green with a soft aroma and discreet fruity taste, characteristic of green fruits. Biological certification given is annual! The first concern for us organic farmers is the soil, which should be fluffy for the air to pass through and to hold large amounts of water. This is achieved by adding an organic substance (we use goat dung and the leaves of the olive tree itself). Olive leaves improve the texture and structure of the soil, help to ventilate it, and its ability to retain water. They enhance the fertility of the olive trees and the development of the health of their root system. Olive leaves contain small amounts of Potassium, Nitrogen, Calcium, Phosphorus as well as trace elements such as boron, which are essential for the olive tree. In order to produce a superior quality product, for the extraction of olive oil, we use the cold-pressing method, in which the purity of the oil is not affected by heating or chemicals.

Organic extra virgin olive oil is always extracted in bottles (like extra virgin olive oil), placed in special storage boxes and reaches the customer just as it moves away from our place.


The love for the sacred olive tree of our country, in the light of the years of experience we have acquired by treating it, gives us the possibility of supplying large quantities. Please do so by contacting us.